Company Profile 
PT. Benar Flora Utama established in Indonesia as wholesale nursery
to supply high quality general plants for local market in Indonesia and export.
The company maintains 28 hectare of nurseries with over 500 varieties in
container grown stock ranging from 9 cm to 75 liter bags.
Sales & Administration
Sales and marketing division operates two Display Vans which services both
Karawang City and Jakarta customers needs by the way of regular visits to
their premises. Our company trained Customer Services are on hand provide
expert information to retail Garden Centres and Chain stores. Sales staff are
equipped to instantly transmit customer's order via mobile fax or phone which
enabling us to provide a timely service for client.
Future Outlook
Benara's future plans and financial resources will be focused on continuing to
provide the local market place with a quality and service which is unrivalled and
to service the major export market. The company plans to significantly increase
its range of indoor and outdoor plants. It also intends to broaden its marketing
of 'New Releases' for nurseries around Indonesia.
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